Angle Miter Gauge for Woodworking

Angle Miter Gauge for Woodworking
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The Angle Miter Gauge for Woodworking is a precision cutting tool designed for professional use.
With 27 angle stops, this miter gauge delivers extreme accuracy for incremental control. The large grip provides comfort and strength, while the tip-resistant washer keeps the gauge steady when extended over a work surface.
Made of aluminum and plastic, this smooth miter gauge design is compat…
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The professional-grade Angle Miter Gauge for Woodworking provides exceptional miter cutting accuracy with 27 angle stops and a large grip for comfort and strength.
Its half-moon shaped piece pivots on its connection point to the guide, allowing it to be locked into any angle. The gauge is made of sturdy and durable aluminum and plastic, but some users have reported that the Feststellring is made of plastic and may not be as durable as other parts of the tool. If you're in need of a reliable and accurate miter gauge for your woodworking projects, the Angle Miter Gauge for Woodworking is an excellent choice.

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